Spirit Team 18/19 Update 4/29/18

Dear Parents, Athletes, and Representatives,

Congratulations on a successful first week of Spring Training! The Charger Girls have made strides in learning new material and skills, and have shown great attitudes, work ethic, and teamwork. Let’s keep this up, and we will be sure to have continued success!

If you and/or your athlete have not been added to your respective “Band” group, please email me right away. Much of our team communication, as well as our team calendar, will be carried out through this app, and it is therefore very important that you follow through!

Going forward, if your athlete will be absent from any practice and/or team event, please notify Coach Costas via email asap. As a reminder, full attendance is crucial to ensuring our successes, both individually and as a team!

*PLEASE begin purchasing your required, independently purchased clothing items if you have not already done so. This includes:
• Black FULL length leggings (any brand, PLAIN black)
• Black Nike pro shorts (with white writing/logo only)
– (also available at Macy’s, Dicks, the Nike store, etc.)
• PLAIN white no-show socks
• Black and white racer back sports bras (one of each color. Any brand, but Target has been best in the past)
*Please see the separate team email regarding our available skills classes!

As a reminder, please direct all financial questions and payments to our treasurer, Lori Perfit, at chargergirlstreasurer@gmail.com.


This week’s practice as normally scheduled.

**May 7th (next Monday)- Clothing Committee meeting, at 6 PM immediately following practice

MONDAYS- 3:30-5:30 Cheer, 4:30-6:00 Song

Uniform Fitting: During practice, May 24th

Summer Training: (June 25th- July 31st)
MONDAYS: 2:00-5:00
WEDNESDAYS: 2:00-5:00
THURSDAYS Song: 2:00-3:30, Cheer: 3:00-5:00

Annual Beach Day – July 14th 10am-3pm

USA Camp: July 26-29 @ CLU

First Football Game: August 17th (Home)

PRACTICE ATTIRE: Please wear comfortable clothing (t shirts, shorts/leggings, sports bra) and white athletic shoes. Returning members, please wear our previous year’s practice clothing as usual.
Hair must be UP. NO JEWELRY, and CUT NAILS. This is has already been explained to all athletes during clinics/tryouts, as it is for safety.

See you tomorrow!

With Charger Pride,

Emily Costas
Head Coach
Agoura High School Spirit Team