Spirit Team 18-19 Update 9/9/18

Dear Parents, Athletes, and Representatives,


A very successful “Big Friday” is in the books! The Charger Girls nailed all three of their performances, including during their first pep rally of the year! Congratulations, ladies!


A very special thank you to our summer assistant coach, and Charger Girl alum, Makena Cavarozzi. Makena will be returning to the University of Oregon to continue college, and we will miss her dearly! We SO appreciate all that she has given our song team, and wish her the very best for this school year! 


As discussed with the team, we will have practice this Monday. However, no Charger Girl will be penalized for missing due to celebrating Rosh Hashanah. We will use this time to build and practice more skills, stunts, dances, etc!



Youth Clinic: October 8th, 11am-2pm (Practice to follow) 

Car Wash: October 28th, 10am-2pm 

**More information to come!




Monday: Practice (regular time frames)

Wednesday: Class 

Thursday: Practice (regular time frames)

Friday: Class, Game day! (Away)

– All team members will be dismissed early from our 5th period class. We will then depart for the games!







Mondays: JV: 3:00-5:00, Varsity: 4:30-6:30

Thursdays: Cheer: 3:00-5:00, Song: 5:00-6:30

(**Please understand that time ranges are subject to change, though only if absolutely necessary.)

*The Spirit Team will also have class during 5th Period.



JV: A tank and skirt, white racer back sports bra, white cheer shoes with low white socks, white cheer bow, light makeup, NO NAIL POLISH, LONG NAILS, OR JEWELRY!! Bring: Uniform top, jazz shoes and poms (song).

Varsity: Uniform top and skirt, white cheer shoes with low white socks, white cheer bow, light makeup, NO NAIL POLISH, LONG NAILS, OR JEWELRY!! Bring: Jazz shoes and poms (song).


*Please see the separate email regarding the Spirit Team Contact Info. Please complete all fields, and submit the electronic form ASAP. Thank you to Melissa Phillips for setting this up for us!


*If your athlete will be absent from any practice and/or team event, please notify Coach Costas via email asap. As a reminder, full attendance is crucial to ensuring our successes, both individually and as a team!


*Please see the separate team email regarding our available skills classes!


*Please direct all financial questions and payments to our treasurer, Lori

Perfit, at chargergirlstreasurer@gmail.com.






October 8th: Youth Clinic, 11am-2pm (Practice to follow) 


October 28th: Car Wash, 10am-2pm 


October 13th: Reyes Adobe Days Parade 


January 19th: USA Regional Competition at AHS 


February 22-24: USA Nationals at Anaheim Convention Center




See you tomorrow!



With Charger Pride, 


Emily Costas

Head Coach 

Agoura High School Spirit Team